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How to Save on Utilities – Part 3 Water

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Save on Your Next Water Bill


How to Save on Utilities

Everyone understands water is a necessity of life. Keeping our water bill affordable allows us to maintain a more balanced setup with our utility bills. Here are six tips and tricks to help reduce your water bill without causing inconveniences in your household.

      • Use your shower! We all know taking a hot bubble bath means everything especially after a long stressful day. Try having only 1-2 special “bath” days a week.  Instead of soaking every night, take short 5 minute or less showers that will reduce your water bill significantly.  Use a Timer or a simple water resistant Shower Clock.  Challenge yourself to save 500-1000 gallons on your next bill.  
      • Designate a laundry day. Washing clothes multiple times during the week can cause havoc on your water bill. Practice washing only on a certain day of the week if possible to reduce the amount of water used.  Use cold or warm water instead of hot to wash your clothes.  Make sure to wash full loads of laundry.
      • Water your garden on certain days. Instead of watering your garden every morning,  try every other day or three times a week if weather permits.   Doing this will reduce your water bill and the plants, flowers, and vegetables will still grow abundantly.  The best watering times are early mornings or late evenings so that your flowers don’t dry out as fast.  Collect rainwater with a rain harvesting system or reuse old water.

    • Protect your outside fixtures.  Forgetting to turn off the water after outside watering can be pretty costly.  Even the outside elements can cause harm to your pipes so protection is a must.  Make sure hoses are free of water and the faucet is completely drained and use a Cover for Outdoor Insulation during the cold, winter months.
    • Invest in an energy saving toilet.  If you own a home, replacing your old toilet would be a smart money saving option. It flushes faster and uses less water producing the same results in a more efficient way.
    • Buy bottled water. You can now purchase store brand bottled water by the case for a $1.99 each in most locations. Instead of using your faucet water, take advantage of bottled water for cooking, drinking, feeding your pet and watering small house plants.
    • Cut water off while brushing teeth. It is very essential to brush our teeth and even wash our face in the mornings, allowing the water in the sink to run continuously.  Try using small solo cups to rinse your mouth and only cut the water back on in the sink to clean it once you are finished.

  1. Whatever you decide, make the choice to save on your water bill now.  Missed advice on your Electricity  or Gas Bill?  Check out:   How to Save on your Electricity Bill or How to Save on your Gas BillThis post was written by Nakeeta Malone, a contributing writer and work-at-home professional. She enjoys spending time with her children and providing support for blogs.

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