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How to Save on Utilities – Part 2 Gas

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Save on Your Next Gas Bill


How to Save on Utilities

Saving money on your gas bill matters when providing for your family and we understand clearly that every penny counts. Here are seven helpful and stress-free ways to lower your gas bill monthly giving you the freedom to spend your money in more important areas for a better lifestyle.

        • Sign up for Guaranteed Billing or Budget Billing. Most gas companies offer this money saving option that will allow you to pay exactly the same amount each month for gas services. This is very beneficial because it eliminates the fear of receiving an outrageously high gas bill each month especially in the winter when it becomes cold.
        • Use your fireplace. Contrary to popular opinion, fireplaces are not just “eye candy”. Take full advantage of your fireplace if you have one to help lower your gas bill significantly in the winter and enjoy memorable moments with family at the same time.  Locate someone locally that has a lot of wood to sell and store it safely.  

      • Cook food under a low flame. More gas is used when you cook at high flames. If you must use your stove for majority of your cooking in several pots, choose to cook “low and slow” on the stovetop.  
      • Invest in a slow cooker/crock pot.  This option is highly recommended for anyone with an active or ordinary lifestyle because you save precious time, get to enjoy a delectable meal, and most importantly save money on your gas bill by not using the stove or oven.  For the busy professional, how about a Programmable Slow Cooker?  Put your entree in and go.

      • Grill out for family fun. Many people realized that having a family BBQ not only brings loved ones together, but it saves a tremendous amount of money by allowing you to cook a variety of meats and vegetables in large quantities and have plenty of leftovers for the week to come.  Great Summer fun starts around bbq grills and smokers .
        • Enjoy salads and sandwiches. Instead of using your gas stove to cook lunch or dinner, try encouraging cold cuts for your family once or twice a week. You can choose from a selection of fresh salads with all your favorite toppings, meaty sandwiches on your choice of breads, and complete your meal with delicious fruit and lemon or Hershey’s chocolate pie.  Have a Sub night with all the fixings.
        • Try indoor grilling. If grilling outside is not your pleasure, the George Foreman indoor grill is a must have. Whether you use the large or small grill,  you have the capability to grill vegetables and meats in a fraction of the time that taste terrific with minimal electricity and no gas.  What I love most is the easy cleaning.  Removable plates are a must have, making weekly grilling more simple.  
        • Lower that thermostat.  Having a programmable thermostat is one of the best investments for your home in controlling your utility bill.  Set the temperature as low as 65 – 70 degrees.  Have it gradually increase to 78 in the early mornings so that it is not unbearably hot but pretty comfortable upon rising in the morning.  No need to leave it at 78 if no one is home during the day either.  Program it to rise a bit before you arrive home.  And definitely turn it off on vacations.  You can set it to come on for the day of your return.  Check out the innovative Nest Learning Thermostat!




Whatever you decide, make the choice to save on your gas bill now.  Winter months are the hardest for everyone.  Why pay in excess of $200 for gas when you don’t have to.  Missed advice on your Electricity Bill?  Check out How to Save on your Electricity Bill.

This post was written by Nakeeta Malone, a contributing writer and work-at-home professional. She enjoys spending time with her children and providing support for blogs.


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