How to get paid with ‘Set It and Forget It’ Apps

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How to Get Paid with Set it & Fortget It AppsToday, we will be learning . how to get paid with set it and forget it apps, smartphone, computers. You can really get paid with apps on your Smartphones and computers just by setting them and forgetting them.  Of course eventually you will receive an email, a notification, or an alert to remind you that they are there but they truly do pay you.  Setup is really simple and you see results immediately.  I use the following apps to get paid continuously through PayPal or Gift Cards.

1. Cross Media Panel. Earn gift cards to some of your favorite stores or meet the level reuirement to get a $50 paypal transfer.  Just load the application onto your computer, smartphone or tablet.  You will need to “check-in” every now and then to make sure the app is still working.  Just set it and forget it.  I check in about once a quarter and I’m amazed at the amount of points available to redeem.

2. Survey Savvy Connect  Download this app to your phone and computer and sit back and earn a check.  I forget it’s there at times.  The more devices connected, the more you earn.  There are several projects that you would be nitified for a chance to earn more so it’s a win-win.

3. Panel App.  A really easy app and a great place for rewards and sweepstakes.  Take surveys, earn points and redeem prizes for free! Available on ios and Android.  This app notifies runs on your gps and will notify you of questions concerning your locations at times.  The levels are pretty high to redeem but you get there quickly.  I’v only been using it for a few months but I believe it’s worth it.

4. Media Insiders. This app sits on your phone or tablet and pays you for doing the relaxing things that you already do like surfing the internet, playing games or even watching tv.  It is one of my favorites. Minimally invasive and pays well!  You get extra points for surveys so this is an absolute must!  Update:  Media Insiders has closed it’s doors.

5. Shoptracker. Earn Virtual Visa Reward instantly within minutes.  All you have to do is download the Shoptracker app to your PC or mobile device and link your online shopping account, such as Amazon.  You get rewarded for just 2 minutes of your time!  Every month!  Whether you shop at Amazon or not!

Of course you will need to sign up for PayPal or whatever is offered to redeem funds but to redeem gift cards is pretty easy and can be redeemed instantly.  I love these apps because they earn me money while I am just living my life doing the things that I normally do.


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