Budgeting Tip

The key to budgeting for me has always been to list everything I bring in (income) and then list everything I am paying out (expenses).  You need to know what you are working with.  There are a number of budgeting tools available for you to start with.  You can use tools such as an Excel Spreadsheet, or my favorite software like Quicken.

Spreadsheets are easily attainable and can be free to use if it’s already on your computer or phone.

Mint is an easy website to use on your computer, phone or tablet.  It is secure and all of your personal data is encrypted.  It can integrate with Quicken and Turbo Tax very easily.

I prefer Quicken for all of my personal finance, money management and tax needs.  It gives me the tools I need to plan for paying down debt, retirement, and other savings plans.

Budgeting is not a one-time thing.  As your finances change, your budget should change.  You should account for every penny.  Knowing how much you spend will help you adjust it so that you can start saving.