About Us

About UsHi!  I’m Jacinta Rawling, a wife and mother of a young girl.  I started this blog in a period of my life where I became temporarily disabled and needed an outlet to do some of the things I really love.  They are shopping, couponing and helping others.  Many know me as a person that knows a lot about nothing and refer to me for help or suggestions for something.  I have a background in Accounting/Finance, Government, Retail and Customer Service.

I love helping others solve financial problems which has led me to this blog.  I have a niche in finding great deals and have had numerous requests over the years to teach others what I know.  So here we are.  I have been doing Couponing Classes around my community with large and small classes and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Should you find yourself in need in these areas, don’t hesitate to send me a note.  Please enjoy what you read, share it and leave comments.