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2017 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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2017 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

It’s the season to honor our Fathers again.  He deserves the best.  We usually celebrate by simply wishing him a Happy Father’s Day, allow him to sleep late with no disturbance from the kids, make or buy special cards or prepare his favorite meal.  Father’s Day gift buying is often ignored because it seems like he has everything but here are some excellent tips that can allow you to make his day special and affordable while creating the best memories.

1) Have a steakhouse dinner at home!

Instead of going to an expensive restaurant and paying over $20 bucks for a Porterhouse steak, try visiting your local supermarket for deals. For that same amount of money, you can purchase 2 small steaks, lettuce, tomato, and other toppings for a fresh garden salad, and a bottle of Chardonnay or Moscato for an amazing dinner.

2) Visit your local Dollar store!

This option is a surefire win especially when shopping for multiple people. Purchase Father’s Day cards at $1 each and some are even 2 for a $1. Also take advantage of basic candles, figurines, and balloons instead of paying the extra money at department stores for these items.

3) Enjoy breakfast in bed!

Purchase a dozen of eggs, coffee or juice, loaf of bread for toast, and your choice of breakfast meat to prepare in your own home. Add a few dollars more and you can feed a family of four for much less money than eating out at IHOP, Waffle House, or Denny’s guaranteed!

4) Make a Father’s Day gift basket!

Purchase a basket and gift basket wrap kit from the dollar store ($2 bucks), and take it from there! Add his beverage of choice (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), nuts/seeds, cologne, after shave, razors, and any other items that he raves over and there you have a it! A terrific gift basket with all his favorites at an affordable price within your budget!

5) Buy a Customized Photo Mug!

Remind Dad that is family loves him with this Stainless Steel Mug with a customized digital photo of your choice. This heart warming gift is sure to make him smile especially since you can include your very own personalized photos  or a collage of the entire family.  Great for any beverage, hot or cold. 

6) Create a Father’s Day Coupon book!

Turn a small memo pad or notebook into a coupon book that he can cash in anytime for favors and requests. Include things like shine dad’s shoes, drive him to work, or even iron his clothes. These a just a few ideas he is sure to enjoy that will create a memorable Father’s Day treat! And for the hubby, he will definitely enjoy a hot oil massage, foot rub, or his favorite dish! What a fantastic budget friendly way to give multiple gifts and show love and appreciation at the same time!

7) Enjoy a family cookout!

Grilling is a very creative and low budget way to share love with family and celebrating Father’s Day at the same time. Grab a couple of packs of hotdogs, bags of chips, sodas, or bottled waters all for under $15 bucks or less. Include a deck of cards, board games, bingo, and some music and the fun can last for hours dedicating a special day everyone can enjoy! 

But if your budget allows, here are some really nice alternatives:

Apple Watch

Give the gift of love that he will remember constantly throughout the day. The Apple Watch makes a stylish statement he will definitely enjoy. This watch features a load of capabilities including Bluetooth compatible, notifications, tons of apps, and his favorite music playback selection.                                                                                                                                     


Harry’s Shave Set

Almost all fathers have the need to shave. With Harry’s Shave Set for your Dad, his father’s day celebration will be a fulfilled one. Dad will receive a 4-piece Shave Set in Silver including a stand, razor, bowl, soap and brush.  It is very nice to display on your bathroom counter, ready for a shave at anytime.

 Leather Coaster Set

Give Dad a special unique gift made from saddle leather that he can enjoy on a daily basis. A Ralph Lauren Coaster Set is an excellent choice made from stainless steel and easy to keep clean with plain soap and water.                

Leather Shoes

Your dad just needs another pair of shoes as a gift to celebrate the father’s day. You won’t want to give your father a gift that is not worth it. A clean pair of leather shoes will do the trick. This certainly will catch his heart.

A leather wallet

Wallets are one of those items that get a lot of wear and not a lot of care in return. There’s a good chance Dad’s is coming apart at its seams or bulging uncomfortably from his back pocket. Or, maybe it’s in some other sad state of affairs.

A card that spells out how much you appreciate him

Cards, on their own, play a very important role when it comes to celebrations. Give your dad a card that clearly spells out how much you appreciate him. Even the best gift isn’t complete without the perfect card.

A home-brew kit

Give your dad that brew kit that will make him feel relax anytime he is home. Everything Dad needs to brew the beer he loves at home. Mr Beer American Lager Beer Making Kit will do the trick.

Good Duffel Bag

A good duffel bag will last someone years. Seattle-based Filson makes virtually indestructible ones that look rather handsome — some of them can double as work bags, too.

Chiller Iced Coffee Maker

Every father deserves a chilled-to-perfection iced coffee on a hot summer day? Simple yet effective, the Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee Maker is able to chill hot coffee in about a minute without diluting your beverage.  It also has the ability to chill brandy, whiskey, wine or any other liquid. This is absolutely a nice gift to buy for your dad.



Amazon Echo Dot is a power gift you can buy for your dad for the Father’s Day celebration. This amazing device is Bluetooth compatible, controls garage doors, locks, and lights, and plays music, news, and weather. 


Power Reserve/Power Bank

Smart phones play a very important role in day to day activities.  A ChargeWorx Power Bank provides versatile and reliable for his device when on the go. This product not only has a sleek design, but features a built-in micro USB cable and LED power indicator light.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

If he enjoys music and movies, Beats by Dr. Dre is an incredible gift he will love. These battery free noise-canceling headphones are lightweight with a built in microphone that allows him to take calls, control music, and enjoy unlimited play.

Digital Camera   

Enjoy family photos with dad on Father’s Day with a new Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera. This wonderful device takes beautiful color photos that you can download and print from a computer instantly.


 Video Drone With Camera

If that special someone loves electronics, this would be a perfect gift. The Protocol Video Drone With Camera comes with rechargeable batteries, makes 360 degree flips and turns, crash resistant, and a 4 gig memory that holds up to 40 minutes of video.  



Make his day!  So many ideas, what can you come up with?


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